Riot loves teasing us with little pictures/videos and they’ve done the same thing now with Galio.

One popular Youtuber,called Redmercy,6 months ago made a video about the upcoming Galio rework,here’s the video:

Did he guessed any spell or the whole point of Galio rework? We will find out very soon!

Rito said Galio would come before the next Champion, image is Demacian themed and we’re looking at something portraying the role of a Protector/Guardian, it may look completely different to the old one but if you ask me he looks a million times more badass and like an actual Guardian now.

We have also found out that Riot Ghostcrawler in a recent Q&A said that he is kinda like the Poppy rework in terms of how cool/fresh the team thinks it is! I am really excited about new Galio! Are you?




John Hussey