Marin leaves LGD

LGD Announcement

Source: Weibo
In December 2016, LGD’s toplaner @crazyMarin Gyeong-Hwan Jang officially leaves the team and returns to Korea.
Looking back on the 2016 Marin spent with LGD, there’s been happiness and high spirits, defeat and disappointment. Despite being mercilessly targeted in-game, Marin would always calmly make his best efforts and met both praise and criticism with his professional attitude. In daily life, he took care of the team members like a big brother, using his life experience to warm each youthful heart.
We thank Marin for the quiet effort and hard work he’s put into LGD and for staying with LGD through good and bad. We respect Marin’s decision, and we hope that as he returns to Korea, he’ll continue to write his own story.
Our footsteps have not slowed and this is not the end of our journey. We hope we can still move forward together on the road to our dreams! Good luck, former LGD Marin. Every moment will be remembered!
Marin’s Farewell Statement

Source: Weibo
I don’t speak Korean, so I’m re-translating from a Chinese translation posted on NGA.
First, I want to express my thanks towards the fans who like and support me, my teammates on LGD, and my family. When I first made the decision to go to China, my heart was full of ambitious dreams and excitement, but to me, the results this year are very regrettable and painful to me.
To all of those who placed their hope in me, I’m very sorry. But even now, my passion as a player hasn’t subsided, and I hope I can once again show an excellent performance, and that I can once again make the best results. But regretfully, I cannot continue this dream with LGD.
No matter where I go, I won’t forget any of the memories from living in China. Similarly, I won’t forget the Chinese fans who liked watching me. It was very difficult for me to make this decision, so I ask you to please support me in the future. Once again, thank you. The weather’s getting colder and I ask everyone to take care and not catch sick, and please continue to follow LGD and I. In order to live up to everyone’s support, I will work hard to not disappoint everyone’s hopes. Thank you, thank you very much.