New game mode idea

Riot made a bunch of new game modes in League since it’s been launched. I was just looking at some League of Legends videos (mostly from Redmercy) and I got some random Idea which seems to be cool for me so I am writing now this to share this random idea with you guys. As we can all see a lot’s of champions are getting reworks and that changes the game completely. Champions are getting a full rework and they don’t have anything left in common with their previous version of themselves,but their name.

Imagine if Riot decided to create a new and unique game mode where you could play with both the new champions and old champions. You would be able to play the old Ryze,Galio,Warwick and many more. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

I was always wondering who would win in 1v1,the old or the new version of the champion. If you ask me I would give advantage to the new version of the reworked champions. I really hope that we will find out if this game mode ever comes out! What do you think about this game mode? Tell me in the survey down below.

If this game mode ever comes out,would you play it?

Yes,I would!
No,I don’t like it.

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John Hussey