Nidalee Buff Incoming

Nidalee is an old champion which got out of the meta and nobody seems to still play her. Well Riot doesn’t like when some champion is not being played so they will give Nidalee a big BUFF in one of the upcoming patches.

A League of Legends player asked riot about the potential Nidalee buff and this is what he asked: ‘Hello Riot.

You promised us a while ago that you’ll be looking to buff/change Nidalee a little bit in patch 7.1, She currently has the lowest win rate in several servers and 2nd / 3rd lowest win rate in the others.

She’s extremely unplayable right now, i understand she was one of the most “broken” champions (not really) but her having 40% win rate is extremely unhealthy for any champion. And her kit isn’t outdated like Nunu to have such win rate.

I personally always believed you were nerfing her in the wrong way in season 6, the reason she was broken is mostly because of Strength Of The Ages, not because of her kit. As you remember she wasn’t this good at the beginning of season 5 EVEN though she weren’t nerfed at all!
You changed her passive, delayed her Q toss, removed auto attack reset from R, you made W cool down so high + the reset on it AND you nerfed all her abilities (remember, all of this changes didn’t happen in season 5 and she wasn’t that good).
Of course you were trying to nerf her without completely deleting this champion, for example you buffed some of her abilities like the execution damage on her Q, and she was actually okay at the end of season 6.

After the removal of SOTA she got weak, and it wasn’t enough that camps got stronger (Raptors + Golems), i think if you lower the cool down reset on her Pounce (W) she would get much better.

TL;DR in MY opinion the biggest reason she was one of the best junglers is because of Strength Of The Ages plus a few little things (like Rylai’s Crystal Scepter and Road Of Ages before both items got nerfed)

Riot, i ask you here nicely to look onto buffing or changing Nidalee in someway. I have the most fun playing this champion and i never get bored of playing her.

Thanks for reading.’

It didn’t take too long from Riot’s Meddler to respond on the thread. He said this : ‘We’ll be buffing Nid in 7.2. Not sure what changes yet, would be aiming for a fairly sizable power increase given her current state though.’

We still don’t know for sure what’s going to be buffed on Nidalee,but hey at least we know they will buff her and hopefully that will bring her back in the meta.