League has almost all built in features except voice chat,but that could change very soon. This morning Riot made an AMA where Riot shares their thoughts and wills for the future. The biggest thought is that they’ve mentioned voice chat and that they could be implementing voice chat in the game very soon.

A lot of people think that Riot should NOT implement the voice chat in the game because that will ‘level up’ the toxicity in the game and the players behaviour will be even ‘worse than now’.

Here is that @RiotLyte had said about the possible voice chat:

Since League is game where all the players have to work together to win the game,I believe that the voice chat would be perfect solution and that will result in improving team-playing.

Unfortunately we won’t be seeing voice chat anytime soon since the new client is released not so long ago and they would have to rebuild everything. ¬†Untill then,we are forced to still use Skype,Discord or Curse voice.



John Hussey